If your business isn’t just a one-person operation, you may have noticed that sometimes things take a little longer to happen because the people in your business that you hire may not work well together. It doesn’t mean to say they hate one another but some people struggle to communicate well with people that they do not know well. It can be a significant issue in large businesses where people don’t interact with one another very well. A way around this is team building and team exercises, these can help with getting people to work more symbiotically with one another. So here are some ideas of how to make your team work well together and some exercises you can try out.


Want to have a team that works well together in fixing issues? The best way to get around this is by getting them to work on things together. Now it sounds kind of silly, but escape rooms is an excellent example of this. Escape rooms are like a giant puzzle where the aim is to get out of the room by solving all the riddles etc. It requires teamwork, and the only way for people to get out of the room is to work together to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible.


Sometimes the issue in the team can be lack of communication, so the best way to get around this is playing some games that require excellent communication. There are lots of board games, Card games and even computer games that the whole point is clear communication. Doing these things will mean that the group will eventually get to know how one another communicates in general and will teach them how much more they need to be more definitive when it comes to explanations of tasks etc.

Breaking the Ice

One of the biggest things in teams is the ability to be open with one another. Trust plays a huge part especially when it comes to a team and their leader. Some people feel worried that if they come to a leader that they will be scolded, but they should know that a leader is there to help direct the team. There is no real way to turn this into an exercise however it can be done throughout activities. The aim is to encourage team members throughout the exercise and answer them when they ask for help, this coupled with always reassuring them that the leader is there for them means that they will naturally gain trust for the team leader throughout the exercises