Say you’ve just started a new business, you’ve gone through all the steps and processes. You have a small profit, but you want to start expanding and gaining more customers but how? How does someone do this? It’s not as easy as it used to be when it comes to traditional means but with new technological advancements and other new strategies, it is technically more accessible than before as long as you go about doing it the right way. So, for those people who aren’t quite sure how to boost customers outside of the traditional ways here are some ideas to help you out.


Social Media


Social media has become a huge part of marketing yourself and your products to people all over the globe, even to local members of the community. Lots of people use social media, so it’s a good idea to get on there and start up some business accounts and pages. Many people think that just having the page will mean people will come flocking to the store but you must make sure to update the social media often with deals or other things to grab peoples interest.


Engaging with Customers


One big thing when it comes to having returning customers or even have those customers telling their friends about your business is engaging with them. It doesn’t mean asking them how their experience is but instead trying to fulfil what they want, ask them what they want and try to do as they ask. Try to tailor their experience to suit them as best as you can. On social media make sure to engage with users as well, if they make a joke tell them you enjoyed it etc. It helps with showing that business isn’t a faceless corporation.




Now it seems silly at first to think that deals matter too much but sometimes they really can. Some of the biggest companies in the world do deals, and there is more to it than just selecting a random item. A lot of companies keep track of what is currently trending or what most of their clients buy. Then after that, they put those items on sale. If you are putting a favourite product on sale, then people will want to come to get it for cheaper from you than other businesses in the area.