It’s a common thing these days for companies to do giveaways and contests but if you want to do one successfully, it may not seem as easy as you think. Technically you want to be making money, and a contest is the opposite of that at least in the beginning. The real goal is to get the contest to spread, drawing in more potential clients that will more than make up for the investment you initially put into it. So here are some tips on how to maximise the return on the giveaway or contest you are running or going to run.

Spreading the Word

Usually, the best way of having these contests is on social media because that is where a significant amount of consumer take in adverts these days. The best way to spread the news about the contest is to get people actively involved, e.g. if it’s on Facebook make it a part of the contest that they must like and share. It works wonders because not only will people who already like your business page on Facebook see it but also the friends of the people that share it who may not even know that your business exists.

Promotion of The Deal

Make sure to not only promote the contest on one site, for example just because a giveaway is on one social media site doesn’t mean it must stay there. Maximise the locations that you are notifying people of the deals. It is very effective as not everyone always uses the same social media sites as often as other people. Doing this will help boost the reach of the contest and even if people don’t use the site that you put the promotion on it doesn’t mean they won’t share it, some people share contests with their friends online even when they aren’t going to be a part of it.

Hashtag That

Hashtags are used for people to quickly sift through content on specific sites, making a unique Hashtags means that your contest will stand out to people and make it easier for them to be able to tell their friends about it. Don’t just stick to one either. Some successful contests use multiple to maximise the range of the contest. They even use common hashtags. Say for instance the contest is for a clothing company then they would add in a hashtag for clothing as well, which means that anyone looking at clothing tags will see it.