You’ve just found out your getting married, great! Naturally you’re buzzing with excitement and you want to let all your friends and family members know about this awesome new development in your life.

While you’re not obligated to, many couples will choose to celebrate the announcement of their intention to get married by sending out online wedding invitations. These cards are meant to be short little heads up about when and where the celebration is taking place and are not dissimilar to a save the date letter you might send prior to creating your guest list.

This is the first real formal acknowledgment of your new status as a couple and it’s a great excuse to have a little fun while introducing family members to each other. It’s a really great way to get everyone behind the wedding and to keep it in their minds while you’re busy planning over the coming weeks and months.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tips for writing your online wedding invitations.


wedding cards


1: If you’re not hosting the event, let the host write it

While today more couples are choosing the throw their own celebrations (normally to ease the financial burden on friends and family) it is still very traditional that the event is hosted by the couple’s parents or a close friend. If this is the case, then it’s a good idea to let the actual host choose the wording of your online wedding invitations as it will normally be from their perspective anyway.

Traditional wording of online wedding invitations would be something along the lines of “We invite you to celebrate the imminent union of X and Y” and would be framed as everyone throwing a celebration FOR the couple rather than attending one BY the couple.


wedding invitation


2: Don’t waste any time getting to the point

When creating their online wedding invitations many couples will tend to include a paragraph that explains the context their decision to marry and a brief history of the relationship. While it’s a nice sentiment, it’s not really necessary and probably won’t be appreciated by every last guest who probably just wants to know the date so they can mark it in their calendar.

Basically, no matter how well-intoned you are, don’t waste the reader’s time with a lengthy preamble. If the reader needs to comb through a huge block of text just to find the crucial piece of information they need – the date – they are going to be left a little annoyed.

Remember that you’re asking people to set time aside for a celebration of a development in your life, so you should always be humble and direct in you online wedding invitations. Don’t assume that everyone has the time of day to fish through your letter to find the relevant info.


3: Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch

While the above two points may make you feel restricted in how you prepare your online wedding invitations you actually still have a lot of room to add your personal flair to the letter. One great place to add a personal touch is in the wording of how you say “we’re getting married”.

For example, if you and your partner have been notoriously putting off getting married for several years then you could say something cheeky along the lines of “they finally did it” or “about time”. Maybe you’re both into astronomy and something like “the stars have aligned” would be a perfect way to express the same information but with a personal twist that gives a little bit of background on your relationship without going out of your way to do so.