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Cheap rubbish removal services are essential in Australian society, in which convenience and affordability are paramount. We Aussies throw out a lot of trash – our waste production is growing twice as fast as our population is! Given that there is more waste than there are people, it’s important that we all have access to fast, reliable and cost-effective waste disposal services.

But where do we start, and what do we need to know before we hire someone to get rid of our junk for us? This article will give you the low-down on all the important stuff.

What the service provides

Unlike other waste disposal services like skip bins, a cheap rubbish removal team will do all the dirty work for you. A team of waste disposal experts will drive to your property and load all your unwanted goods into their truck by hand. They will then transport it to an appropriate disposal location, recycling items wherever possible.

This makes it a highly convenient and stress-free way to get rid of all the waste you have lying around the home or office, so that you can focus on the important things in life.

Types of waste they can dispose of

Cheap rubbish removal services can dispose of a huge range of waste types, from garden waste to electronic waste. Check with your local provider to ensure they can get rid of your specific junk. The most common types of waste they dispose of are:

Construction & building waste

Construction and building waste is a huge source of junk, which makes sense given the scale of building projects. Cheap rubbish removal teams ensure that they recycle and reuse building waste wherever possible to minimise negative effects on the environment. Common waste types they can dispose of include:

  • Building materials (wood, tiles, concrete, porcelain, marble)
  • Interior fittings (carpet, plumbing, wiring, blinds)
  • Window frames, doors and glass

Residential waste

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Residential waste is a major hassle for Aussies. It can pile up quickly, leaving a sight for sore eyes and causing a lot of stress. Rather than getting rid of it yourself and having to hire a truck or skip bin, a cheap rubbish removal team makes the process that much easier. Common types of residential waste they can get rid of include:

  • Electronics (e.g. computers, televisions, phones, stereos)
  • Furniture (e.g. couches, beds, bookshelves)
  • Clothes & fabrics (e.g. curtains, blankets, hats)
  • Appliances (e.g. microwaves, stoves, fridges)
  • Garden waste (e.g. tree branches, grass clippings)

They can also perform deceased estate clean outs and clean ups for rentals.

Commercial waste

Businesses, offices and warehouses are another major generator of waste. Cheap rubbish removal services are adept at disposing a range of commercial waste types, including but not limited to:

  • Furniture (e.g. desks, filing cabinets, chairs, shelves)
  • Paper, cardboard and other materials
  • Electronics (e.g. phones, computers, photocopiers, fax machines)
  • Food products

They can also perform office and warehouse or factory strip outs and clean outs.

Industrial waste

Industrial waste accounts for the majority of waste produced in Australia and the world. Cheap rubbish removal teams can ensure that all materials are disposed of appropriately and are recycled and reused when they can be. Common types of industrial waste include:

  • Materials (e.g. glass, concrete, bricks, wood, plastic, steel, metal, gravel, aluminium, copper)
  • Machinery
  • Cables, pipes and wiring

Hiring a cheap rubbish removal service to dispose of your junk for you is easy. Simply contact your local service provider for a quote and to book a time that suits you. They’ll come and get rid of your waste quickly and hassle-free!