Outsourcing product assembly services can come with multiple benefits, especially if you are a smaller business. Many warehousing providers are expanding their offerings to encompass this option, as they hone their skillset and areas of specialisation.

Hiring a company for their product assembly services can save a lot of effort and investment that your business might not even be able to make. It gives the opportunity for small businesses to grow and alleviates the burden.

The suitability to your business will vary based on a range of factors, but here are some benefits of outsourcing product assembly services!



Save on capital investment

By letting another firm handle your product assembly services, you won’t have to worry about investing capital into establishing the infrastructure necessary. You also won’t have to hire more labour.

This saves a lot of costs and effort, as there are many procedures and legalities involved in these processes. By outsourcing, you can leave these duties in the hands of the provider you choose.

The property and recruitment search can be saved, allowing your company more time to focus its efforts on core competencies rather than branching out in an inefficient manner.



By outsourcing your product assembly services, you are entrusting the job with a firm who specialises in this area. Their staff will be specially trained and well-equipped with how to meet their targets and construct quality products.

This assurance saves a lot of stress and means that your company won’t have to invest that time and effort into training staff itself. Having a competent contractor can put you at ease.



This option is also quite cost-efficient. As you are not investing your capital into infrastructure and warehousing assets, you won’t need to worry about overhead costs, which would likely take up a chunk of your budget.

Aside from being cost-efficient, it is also easier to keep track of costs. Rather than having to deal with the financials of all your extra equipment and labour, you will simply factor in the cost per unit for such services.


Flexibility with quantity

Outsourcing your product assembly services has benefits when it comes to volume of production. Given that the hired firm would be more proficient and used to dealing with mass construction of merchandises, it will be far easier for them to adjust based on demand.

This means that if you suddenly have a hike in demand or are in need of fast and quick construction, it would be far better to count on a warehousing company offering a specialised service, than your own internal operations.


Variety of offerings

Within the scope of these product assembly services, these providers offer a range of possible tasks.  Value-added kitting and automated kitting encompassing labelling, re-boxing, checks for quality, and automated FMCG packing solution are some examples.

If you are worried about having to outsource a unique sequence of tasks or unsure about how these providers can handle the processes, it’s likely you can find someone who will match your needs!


Cost of raw materials

When outsourcing product assembly services, one key benefit is that many contracts keep the cost of raw materials at a steady price so that your firm isn’t affected by fluctuations in the value of raw materials.

Raw materials are key to the manufacturing process and the fluctuating nature of commodities can make it difficult to account for financially.

Outsourcing can make this easier to deal with and ensure that you don’t have to worry about adjusting for price fluctuations. This is great if you are a small company that doesn’t have the capacity to deal with constant change and challenges.