When people think parties they always think balloons and your next event shouldn’t be baron of them. Balloon bouquets are a great way to add the party to your next event and really set the mood. They have many different uses and are great for transforming a get together into memories.

Below are some creative uses for balloon bouquets that we have come up with for your next event!

Baby shower announcement

A big part of baby showers is the gender reveals if the family wants to do so. Stray away from the over used “it’s a boy/girl” banner and get creative with it. Using balloon bouquets that match the gender colour is a fun and creative way to spread the party spirit without making it feel too tacky.

Additionally a great part about major balloon bouquet suppliers is that they give you the option to have them delivered. This can both be beneficial for a baby shower if you want the gender to be a surprise or because you simply can’t get out of the house because you are too busy planning a party.

Space fillers

If you are dealing with a room that has no flair at all then balloon bouquets could help transform it. Old and dull looking brick walls can be transformed into a party space with the addition of a tarp and some balloon bouquets.

Additionally, balloon bouquets are a great piece to add into the mix if you are having a photo station at your event. Whether it’s a school ball or a family get together, your pictures can be transformed with the addition of a few balloon bouquets.

Table centre pieces

Traditionally people may think of balloon bouquets as something that is placed around the room to fill empty space but they also function for other purposes. If you have a large number of guests who need to be seated you can created miniature balloon bouquets that can be used a centrepieces for tables. This makes the atmosphere fun without being too cliché or tacky.

Office party saviour

Everyone dreads office parties with your co-workers due to having to be in the same area that you work in. The best way to let loose and for everyone to have a good time is if they feel like they are not at the office anymore. A great way to transform your office would be to introduce some balloon bouquets. Instead of being stuck around boring cubicles and the photo copier that shouldn’t still be around by it is, throw some colour and life into the party with some balloon bouquets.

So to break everything down if you are looking to change up your next event and make it something unique, consider getting some balloon bouquets. They are a cost effective way to transform the space you are working with and give it the party spirit that it so desperately needs. Best of all is that if you are strapped for time, a lot of suppliers offer delivery and can have the arrangements already created so you can focus on throwing your party rather than the supply shopping!