A green lawn is part of everyone’s dream home. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up every morning to open the door to their lush green lawn in all of its glory? However, a lot of time and efforts goes into maintaining a lawn. Anyone who has ever planted a sapling will tell you that maintaining a lush green garden is no child’s play.


If you are looking to save yourself from all the hassle that comes with maintaining a lawn, without compromising the appearance, artificial turf Sydney is the best way forward. If you have been thinking about installing artificial turf Sydney in your home, safe to say, it is a smart decision.



However, if you do have any apprehensions or questions, this article will tell you everything you need to know about buying and installing artificial turf in Sydney. Let us begin by looking at a few benefits of artificial grass:


Benefits of Artificial Turf in Sydney

Low maintenance: Artificial turfs require little to no maintenance. The occasional cleanup that is needed is time-saving and hassle-free.


Low cost: Artificial turf in Sydney is the cheapest alternative to natural grass, and is also less expensive than growing your lawn.


Environmentally Friendly: An artificial grass turf requires no watering or use of pesticides, and as a result, artificial turfs never hurt the environment.


Pet-Friendly: Artificial turfs have no toxic substances, are mud and dirt free, and the infill (more on this later) makes the surface safe for pets and children. Not to forget, since there’s no mud, your pets will never bring their dirty paws inside your home!


Apart from these, artificial turfs also help you save a lot of time and money in water bills.


Before you jump in the artificial turf wagon, there are a few factors to consider. The following considerations will ensure you choose the right kind of product for your home:


Quality of turf

A good quality turf will feel soft, will be well-stitched, and would be highly durable. The ideal material to choose is polypropylene or polyamide turfs, or polyethylene yarns. Sure, these materials are a bit more on the expensive side, but artificial turf is a long-term investment. Buy durable turfs now, and they will last well over a decade.


To get the best-quality turf, it is recommended to choose a supplier with a wide range of products. Get samples delivered to your home, and pick the best one for your needs.



The filling, also known as infill, is an important safety feature of artificial turf in Sydney. The filling is a layer of cushioning that lays beneath the artificial turf. The filling makes the surface of the turf softer, creating ideal conditions for pets and children to play on.


Infill is made up of two kinds of materials, polyurethane or latex. For households with children, the flexible latex infill is recommended. If you live in a region with extreme climate conditions, go for a polyurethane infill.


Pile Height

Pile height is the height of the grass blades of the turf. While choosing a turf with longer blades may seem like the obvious choice for that lush green look, the case is the opposite.


The longer blades of grass will have more gravitational pull working on them, which will make them flat over time, thus ruining the lush green look. It is advisable to choose turfs with a pile height of 30-35 mm.



The density of artificial turf in Sydney is determined by the amount of fibre or yarn per square unit of area. Denser turfs cost more but are also much more durable than their light counterparts. Not to forget, a thicker turf automatically translates into a more aesthetically appealing, lush green lawn.



As true with everything, don’t just consider the cost when buying an artificial turf in Sydney. That being said, the most expensive option is also not the best one. Always try out samples before you make a purchase decision. If it helps, seek advice from your neighbours or friends who have been using artificial turfs to enhance their property’s curb appeal.