Buying a new sofa is a big investment, and because of this people often put off changing their living room furniture. But, once a couch gets old, it can feel lumpy and uncomfortable; considering how much time you spend sitting on it, this isn’t ideal. Replacing a couch can get really expensive, and the aim is to keep that furniture for a good few years, so it’s important to make sure you choose the best one for your needs. When it comes to settling on a new sofa, there is the age old debate, fabric vs leather lounges Sydney: which is best? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each.


Round 1: Comfort
Arguably one of the most important aspects of a couch is how comfortable it is to sit on. This is the couches primary function, so if it isn’t comfortable, it really doesn’t matter about anything else because you aren’t going to buy it. There are many factors that come into play in regards to comfort, such as the type of frame and cushioning. However, the material does have an impact too. Many people believe that fabric is generally softer and therefore more comfortable, but this isn’t always the case. Leather lounges in Sydney can be slightly firmer than their fabric counterparts, but this usually offers more support for your back. Furthermore, the common misconception is that leather lounges in Sydney are stiff, this can be true, but it also depends on the cut of fabric used and what animal it comes from. As with anything made of animal hide, it will soften over time and create the same ‘just for you’ feeling you get from slipping into a pair of well worn leather shoes.

So the answer? It really comes down to personal preference and the specific couch you are considering. Sit on a few and you should be able to tell which is your favourite.

leather sofa

Round 2: Durability
As most people tend to keep their furniture for a while, it is important for it to be long lasting. But which is material is more durable, fabric, or animal hide? When you first purchase a fabric sofa, the colour will generally be vibrant, however as time goes on, or after washing cushion covers, this intensity can fade. Furthermore, because of how the material is constructed, fabric is susceptible to snagging or catching, meaning you could end up with lots of little nicks and tears in your couch. Another issue with fabric is that it can easily stain; spilling red wine on a fabric sofa is probably going to leave quite an obvious mark for the rest of the sofas life. However, leather lounges in Sydney do not have any of these issues. Animal skin has a much longer lasting colour, and even though it may fade slightly over years of love, it will develop a softer, classic feel as opposed to looking dirty and old. Another benefit of this material is that it is much tougher, and less prone to tearing or splitting. Spillages are also not a problem with leather lounges in Sydney because you can easily wipe up any mess with a damp cloth.

Who wins this round? The answer is simple: leather lounges in Sydney are much more durable than fabric. If you are a pet owner, fabric is certainly one to avoid as it will be destroyed within a few months. This isn’t to say you can’t buy a fabric couch, it just means you need to be more careful and gentle with the material.


Round 3: Price
The cost of something is always essential to consider, whatever option you decide on needs to fit your assigned budget. Is one material more affordable than the other? Regardless of what material you choose, the price is determined by the quality; a good structure and good quality material is always more expensive. When looking at any sofa with sturdy framing and well made cushions, the fabric used will be of high quality, meaning it is likely to cost you the same as couch made from animal hide. So the thought process that fabric is often less expensive is a misconception. Making a decision should never be about price alone, so be sure to consider the durability and comfort of any sofas you are looking at.

The verdict on price? There isn’t much in it, so it is really down to personal preference. However, animal hide is generally a higher end material, so you may get more bang for your buck with a leather lounge in Sydney. Regardless of which material you choose, if you want something premium, expect to pay more.