Food is set to get more interesting in 2018. A health-conscious movement, growing globalisation, and new technology are changing the way we eat and play with our food. And also what kind of food we eat!

More trends are set to take off this year, as new things pop up daily. Read this article to find out some of the most exciting new things food is going to face in 2018!

Poke bowls

This Hawaiian dish with Japanese influence is set to become more popular in 2018. With rice, sashimi, and vegetables topped with seaweed, it’s like having no-fuss sushi in a bowl.

It’s a relatively healthy option and set to be introduced in more restaurants outside of Hawaii.

Locally sourced food

Restaurants and individuals are leaning towards local produce more than ever, especially as we shift towards a healthier mentality. Organic, community-minded purchases are expected to continue to grow in popularity.

This follows the trend of sustainability and health that is influencing people all around the world.

Plant-based protein

As it becomes more popular to switch to a plant-based diet, plant-based protein is growing in popularity. Tofu, tempeh, and quinoa are being embraced by more chefs and introduced into more restaurants.

This comes as sustainable alternatives to meat are gaining more traction with the development of technology such as lab-grown meat.


Flowers in your food might be your chef’s choice of adding more colour on your plate in 2018. Edible flowers are becoming more popular to up the ante on presentation and help customers get that insta-worthy shot!


Something to make the food you eat a bit more luxurious? Adding gold to food isn’t new, but it’s set to get more popular in 2018. From gold leaf to dust and glitter, this expensive colour is likely to be seen on your food.

Food might be set to get healthier, but this trend might indicate that people are willing to eat wealthier as well. Indulgence in food might just get a transformation with this inclusion. And of course, gold makes for a great food photo!