Christian ceremonies are a great means of bringing people together, particularly close family members who are recognising a monumental moment in the young life of a child.


Baptisms and christenings might not be as commonplace as they have been in past years, but they are still an event that warrants the participation of family members who want to mark the occasion.


For those in attendance, there can be curiosity and confusion when it comes to the attire.


Should this be purely formal wear? Can you sport something more casual? What is the etiquette for such an occasion and what are the expectations and recommendations on sourcing a dress for a christening?


Fortunately there are some helpful guidelines on those city-based families who are on the lookout for christening dresses Sydney.

Shoes and dress for christening

Among all of the brand names, outlets around the city and providers that will promise to offer the best quality, there is a way for you to identify the right dress that will fit the day.


Comfortable Fabric

The essential idea with christening dresses in Sydney is that you source a fabric that feels comfortable on the skin and matches the climate and conditions of the day. Should the item not tick all of those boxes, then they do not have the parameters suitable for you to make the purchase. If the event is being held in the autumn or winter months, then it is worthwhile opting for something that can keep you warm and avoid feeling the chill, from a rayon design to denim or linen. Then there are alternatives for the heat when there is a need to breath, from silk and wool and cotton designs that are light.


White For Close Family, Patterned For Guests

If the Royals in Britain are any guide, there are some helpful tips that can advise us on the dress and etiquette of such an event. For christening dresses in Sydney, the essential blueprint is to see the mother and grandmother dress is something that is coloured and tailored in a sleek clean white design, offering a classic aesthetic. For guests, there is an expectation of wearing something a little bit more casual, as they will be socialising around the function area leading into and after the event.


A light and colourful mix from the skirt to the garment will allow female guests to feel comfortable. So when making your choice, it is helpful to take into account your role and profile for the christening.



There might very well need to be a fitting process undertaken when you are identifying christening dresses in Sydney. If you can source an outlet that carries out this task, then it will eliminate the need to outsource this fitting to another provider. There have been surcharges placed on such a task by outlets who have to carry out this activity on items that are not purchased in-store. Kill two birds with one stone and purchase from a provider who undertakes the fitting.


Good Pricing

Hopefully the christening dresses in Sydney that you identify will be fairly versatile items that are suitable outside of this event. If that is the scenario, then you should not have to venture much beyond a $300-$400 price on a quality outfit that will last you for decades. Check the fine print for added fees and charges if they do apply.


Warranty Option

The final financial facet involved with christening dresses in Sydney comes down to the warranty. Should the item be damaged, lost or compromised, then you need to be insured and covered that your investment is not wasted. Obtain a warranty and form a relationship with the provider to cover you in these instances.



In conclusion when you are on the hunt to find the best christening dresses in Sydney, you should opt for a design that really matches the smart casual category. Do not settle for an overpriced item from an unknown provider, but one that is reputable, comfortable and perfect for the occasion.