While you may not be able to speak Spanish you probably know that “fiesta” translates to party. This word has transcended the language barrier and become synonymous with elaborate and wonderfully festive events that are full of energy.

It’s perfectly understandable why this type of event has become more popular outside of Spain. The combination of exquisite Spanish food, music, decoration and dance ensures that everyone has an amazing time.

If you’re a party host looking to throw you own fiesta, the task can seem incredibly daunting if you don’t have any experience. Everything from finding budget catering in Sydney for Spanish food to sourcing the right decorations can seem very difficult.

To help you out, let’s take a look at some of the most important steps in creating the perfect Spanish fiesta!

Laying the groundwork

Depending on how elaborate and large your party will be, there will be different levels of planning required. Failing to plan correctly leaves plenty of room for something to go wrong.

What’s the goal of the party?

While it’s easy to dismiss this step and just say “to have fun”, the objective of the event can be an important part of planning it. If you’re just trying to bring a group of friends together you will have different expectations for the venue, catering and entertainment than if you are hosting a company event to boost morale.

What’s the timeframe?

Consider when you want the event to take place and how long you want it to go for. Depending on your guest list and the function of the event, certain times may be more appropriate than others.

What’s the venue?

Depending on your answers to the last two questions, you’ll want to find a venue that will comfortably fit not only your guests but all the activities you plan to have. There needs to be space for catering, live music and the decorative elements you might plan to include.

Creating the decorations

A fiesta is as much of a visual work of art as it is a social gathering. The sights and sounds of the event are going to be very well complimented with fitting decorative elements.

Red and yellow are the two primary colours in the Spanish flag and are the most common theme at a fiesta. It can be easy to create festive garlands, confetti and drink stirrers with many DIY tutorials you can find online.

For people who aren’t as crafty, flowers are a great way to add vibrant and natural décor to your fiesta.  The red carnation is the national flower of Spain but pomegranate and Valencia red rose are also common sights on Spanish streets.

Providing the food

As great as your decoration and entertainment is you will need to provide something culturally appropriate for you guests to eat. Luckily, Spanish cuisine is as vibrant as it is tasty and there are plenty of budget catering options for delicious Spanish food.

Paella is one of the most famous Spanish dishes and is designed to serve large social gatherings. Served on huge bowls, this mix of chorizo, rice and seafood is a splendid combination of flavours that looks incredible in photos.

Churros are an excellent desert option for your guests. They are sugared Spanish doughnuts that look like a tube with a fluffy yet crisp texture. Guests will absolutely devour this treat as they begin dipping it in a rich chocolate sauce.

Sourcing the entertainment

The ultimate final touch to your fiesta should be some cultural Spanish music and entertainers that complete the experience. They not only provide a soundtrack and visual spectacle to your event but get people dancing with and speaking to one another.

Flamenco musicians specialise in Spanish folk music that is typical of the most traditional fiestas. A guitarist and supporting band can elevate the profile of your event by leagues.

Are you ready to throw the ultimate fiesta?

Following all of the tips above and doing your research means that you’ll be well prepared to host an unforgettable Spanish themed party. Everything from budget catering for paella to the Flamenco musicians are going to help create an event that accurately captures the spirit of a traditional fiesta.