Clients who are in a position to seek a criminal lawyer in Melbourne will want to best operator that money can buy.

They will tend to work on a sliding scale and set their budget at a higher rate depending on whether or not they are blue or white-collar citizens.

Irrespective of their price tag, the best gauge that defendants, assailants and victims can use to pick their solicitor is a set of ideal characteristics, such as the Papa Hughes Lawyers.

If they bring these to the table, the chances of receiving a quality outcome is increased exponentially.


Strong Eye For Detail

The saying that ‘the devil is in the detail’ can be spot on when a criminal lawyer in Melbourne works their magic. During their research endeavours they can come across documentation, reports, tests and pieces of testimony or published pictures that creates an entirely new set of arguments for their case. This strong eye for detail is advantageous for prosecutors and defendants because it can open up new opportunities and expose the opposition. Such a characteristic is hard to identify on the surface but it will come to fruition at some stage of the proceedings.


Capacity To Set The Agenda And Dominate Courtroom Proceedings

court room

A criminal lawyer in Melbourne will often find themselves in one of two positions during hearings or trials – being in an offensive or defensive position. This will be in large part to the type of witness that is on the stand or the format of evidence being examined. The best practitioners are able to position themselves in offence and force the opposition counsel to react to their maneuvers, catching them off guard and setting the agenda. It is not always possible to have the upper hand in these scenarios but it is a form of strategy that can create mistakes down the line.


Leveraging Opposition Counsel Inconsistencies and Weaknesses

An expert criminal lawyer in Melbourne will pay special attention to the arguments presented by opposition counsel, even as they are preparing their own arguments. Whether in the role of defence or prosecution, they will identify when inconsistencies in the argument has taken place and leverage that moment for their own gain. That can include a character reference, a bank statement, testimony from a witness, a voice recording, police report or DNA test. A solicitor will attempt to develop a consistent picture for one party and if that deviates in the slightest, it can be exposed.


Capacity To Negotiate and Strike Deals

If a lengthy and costly trial is on the cards, there can be either defendants or even victims on the side of the prosecution who would rather see the matter put behind them. That can include an early plea deal or settling on financial terms that ends the case. An qualified criminal lawyer in Melbourne will be able to come to the negotiating table with the opposition counsel and strike an early deal that avoids a courtroom drama from playing out. Should that be the wish of the client then the solicitor will be equipped to manage this situation and receive a suitable outcome.


Showcasing Empathy For The Client

Dealing with a matter in criminal law can be a tense and fraught scenario where anger, anxiety and depression threaten to take hold. A qualified criminal lawyer in Melbourne who is at the top of their game will be able to showcase sympathy for their client and provide support given their fragile mental and emotional state. This is not to say that they are a qualified mental health professional, but they will be able to take into account their pain and attempt to manage this situation for their benefit. Lawyers often like to hear themselves talk but being able to sit back and listen to their plight can be just as valuable for some individuals.