When it is agreed by both parties that a marriage has come to a natural conclusion, then steps have to be taken from a practical and legal sense. No matter where you are based in the city, from Bondi to Hornsby or Parramatta, this is where Sydney divorce lawyers are skilled at walking their clients through the necessary procedures.

Seldom are these processes entirely smooth where there is not some residual friction between the spouses. Ideally for all parties sake there is an inherent agreement as to who owns what, who is entitled to certain assets and who holds more responsibility over children.

Yet it is in involvement of professionals in the market of Sydney divorce lawyers who offer important council during a time of incredible anguish, stress and pain for the client.

Here are the areas of specialty that these attorneys will cover once they are brought aboard to represent you.


Sydney divorce lawyers are able to act as a conduit between the relevant parties, with the most important of which being that between themselves and the client. Here is where a strategy has to be formulated and agreed upon so the client understands what steps can be taken and what is the most likely scenarios depending on the motions carried. An attorney should be swift with all forms of communication, from consultations to planning of meetings and answering phone calls and texts as promptly as possible.

Offering Non-Judgmental and Emotionless Council

One of the greatest assets that Sydney divorce lawyers can provide their client is the capacity to follow through the necessary procedures without the emotional attachments that are inherent in these situations. It can be difficult to collaborate from one spouse to the next in the aftermath of a breakup and having a third party available who can guide you through the process is an investment worth paying for, removing all concern about making spur of the moment calls based off anger or grievance.

Handling Motions and Documents

Attorneys are schooled in the art form of filing paperwork. Sydney divorce lawyers are no different as matters concerning family law will be inclusive of employment documents, spousal agreements and a myriad of other forms that have to be taken into account. Should both parties have legal representation, then the passing of motions and responses to those procedures will require legal expertise.

Dividing Assets

Arguably the most prevalent area of expertise that Sydney divorce lawyers are brought aboard for is the diving of assets stage. Whether it be property, household items, investments or anything of monetary value that was purchased during the marriage, this stage can require a degree of mediation where goodwill can work as a positive or negative depending on the nature of the divorce. Sydney divorce lawyers will fight your corner if that is the aggressive form of representation you demand.

Child Custody

Children are always the unfortunate party caught in the crossfire of a breakup. Sydney divorce lawyers will make assessments and evaluations as to the fitness and capacity of the parents to have custody or guardianship. This is the most sensitive matter when a breakup occurs and having an attorney of experience and expertise here is incredibly valuable, not just for you but the child or children involved.


Nothing is preventing couples from agreeing to a separation without the involvement of Sydney divorce lawyers. Yet as we have outlined, there is clearly a benefit to ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible where no detail large or small is overlooked. The sooner you seek representation, the sooner a resolution can be found.