garage floor

Purchasing a fresh coat for the garage can be just the tonic to revitalising this busy space.

Con-Treat garage floor coating brands often promise many of the same attributes, from bright colours and clear finishes and easy to clean textures, this is an application that provides a lot of value for the homeowner.

Yet there are some key methods that all consumers should be aware of for a project of this profile.

Even one false move or moment of oversight could cause significant damage that costs money and takes time to fix.

Follow these tips before bringing out the brush.

Sweep The Floor First

If homeowners don’t possess a sturdy and strong broom, they will have to invest in one before applying their Con-Treat garage floor coating. A comprehensive sweep is step number one for all participants in this setting, removing any dirt, debris and dust that can usually be sourced on these busy surfaces. Once all of the vehicles, equipment and tools have been moved off site, the windows and doors should be kept open to provide a consistent airflow that removes much of this dust and debris automatically. To protect individual safety and well-being, it is paramount that everyone in close proximity utilizes a dust mask to avoid exposure and suffering from an illness.

Wash The Floor Comprehensively  

A biodegradable wash is just what the doctor ordered before proceeding with garage floor coating. To clear out all of the oils and spills that will have been exposed on this surface over the months and years, this process will cleanse the environment and lay the foundation for the following steps. There are industrial strength brands and eco-friendly products that can be mixed into a bucket at the user’s discretion, using a good old-fashioned mop and hot water with the aid of some elbow grease for good measure.

Cover Over Exposed Items With Tape or Sheeting

From power sockets to drywalls and door entrances, it is paramount that homeowners cover these elements with plastic sheeting or tape before applying their garage floor coating. These items simply won’t be able to be moved with the cupboards and tools and vehicles, so this is where some protection has to be engaged to ensure they are not exposed to the coating. Homeowners won’t have to fret if they cover all of these necessary items as they move ahead with their garage floor coating project.

Time The Floor Coating Process

Once homeowners sweep, wash and cover their surface, it is time to prime the area when using the garage floor coating by timing the process to perfection. Much like the Goldilocks philosophy, users need to make sure it is not too hot, too cold or too wet when using the application correctly. The best temperatures are between 10-25°C without any dew to speak of. Customers that don’t have that awareness of patience are risking the integrity of the entire project, seeing damage occur where the paint begins to peel and erode shortly after it is applied to the surface. 

Understand Costs and Logistics of Using Professional Service

Homeowners might like to take a DIY approach with garage floor coating, but if this task feels too difficult or awkward to apply without making a costly error, it is worthwhile seeking professional assistance. They will have the expertise, the experience, the resources and the labor power to execute this activity without encountering many of the hassles that residents often encounter. Just by opening an initial discussion with a local provider and accessing a quote, consumers can get a gauge for the risks involved with DIY coating projects and what constitutes best practice for their garage dimensions.